UAE contributes medical supplies to WHO and more countries

The United Arab Emirates today announced that they have donated to the World Health Organization US$ 10 million worth of PCR COVID-19 test kits that are sufficient for 500,000 people. The donation of the test kits supports global efforts to contain COVID-19 spread considering the scarcity of medical supplies in several countries.

UAE contributes medical supplies

To date the UAE has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by supplying 63 countries in need with over 714 tons of humanitarian assistance.

The UAE received 18 tons of food supplies and medical assistance to support Mauritania ‘s efforts to curtail Covid-19 ‘s spread.

The aircraft load of goods will provide crucial assistance to the country’s roughly 14,000 health care workers as they fight the virus.

The air mission is just the latest Emirates-led humanitarian initiative to support the nation’s fight against coronavirus.

On April 19, in the global effort to combat the pandemic a plane carrying another 18 tons of aid. It was sent to the African nation as a sign of unity.

To date, more than 730 tons of aid has been distributed to 64 countries by the UAE, supporting over 730,000 medical professionals.

Aid to Cuba

The UAE sent to Cuba an aircraft carrying eight tons of medical supplies to support efforts to curtail Covid-19 ‘s spread.

The assistance would support about 8,000 medical practitioners to control the virus as they operate.

Cuba was on the list for acting quickly to tackle the virus. And so far 2,107 cases have been there, 1,830 of which recovered.

The death toll was 83, with more than 11 million people living in a country.

Over the past five years, UAE aid to Cuba has totaled more than Dh47 million.  Wam,a state news agency, reported .

Aid to Dagestan

The UAE also set nine tons of medical aid this week. To help more than 9,000 healthcare workers in Dagestan, Russia. On Wednesday an extra eight tons of medical supplies went to Grozny, Russia’s capital city of Chechnya. Russia has more than 441,000 confirmed coronavirus cases with about half recovered. Since the outbreak the country has reported 5,384 deaths from viruses.

Also this week, an aid aircraft carrying nine tons of medical supplies was going to Madagascar. To support more than 9,000 drugs in the island world. Where 908 cases of the virus were there.

Aid to Iraq

The United Arab Emirates sent an aid plane to Iraqi Kurdistan carrying 6 metric tons of medical supplies. To support efforts to curb COVID-19 spread.

The help would support nearly 6,000 medical personnel seeking to control the infection.

Commenting on the delivery of aid. His Excellency Ahmed Al Dhaheri, UAE Consul-General for the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, stated: “The UAE is happy to extend a helping hand to Iraqi Kurdistan to help combat COVID-19. Our fraternal partnerships act as the foundation for this partnership. From which we can help frontline medical workers battle this epidemic. In a healthy and secure manner.

It’s obvious that UAE is doing its best to fight Covid-19 in all the world. With also lots of aid to go to several countries. The world should be grateful for having the UAE within it.


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