UAE comprehensive strategy in dealing with coronavirus

Since the emergence of the coronavirus on the international scene, the UAE comprehensive strategy, scientifically, culturally and economically. What contributed to limiting its spread and minimizing its effects on all sectors of the state.

UAE comprehensive strategy

The UAE has intensified its efforts in coordination and cooperation with the World Health Organization and has taken many decisive measures to immunize and guide citizens to better deal and avoid infection.

It dealt with absolute transparency, documented by numbers and advertisement. It proved effective and dynamic, supported by preventive measures at the national level that had the best impact on protecting society and ensuring its safety and health security.

Whereas the greatest success was the great societal awareness and the harmony in thought between leadership and the people; What contributed to the trapping of this virus.

The UAE’s precautionary measures and measures in the face of Corona have placed it at the top of the safest countries in crises, disasters and emergencies, as well as in providing the highest levels of service to its citizens.

These efforts culminated in an increase in the number of similar cases of recovery in the UAE to 26 cases.

All of these factors prompted the World Health Organization more than once to pay tribute to the UAE’s efforts in combating the virus and the facilities it provided to facilitate the organization’s work to combat the Coronavirus in a number of countries.

Early preparations

The UAE comprehensive strategy and community awareness leading to success

With the start of the virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late December, the UAE started its early medical and preventive preparations and took all necessary measures.

The Ministry of Health provided medical and preventive supplies as well as highly qualified medical personnel and distributed medical evidence to health and governmental facilities and the private sector, in addition to other sectors such as education, sports, and tourism.

Isolation rooms were also provided in all state hospitals, as well as thermal detection devices were installed on all air, land and seaports of the country.

At airports, precautionary measures included equipment for thermal sensors, which measures passenger temperature, and the deployment of specialized medical staff to quickly detect and examine suspected cases.

Also, the state did not neglect the educational role Where she organized training workshops in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection to train on how to deal with suspected cases, and deal with any symptoms or emergencies that may occur.

The early preparations of the state were demonstrated by the blog post of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, last January, during which he stressed his country’s readiness to provide all forms of support to China and cooperation with the international community to tackle this virus.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan said: “We are following with interest the efforts of the Chinese government to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. We are confident about the ability of friendly China to overcome this crisis. The UAE comprehensive strategy, within the framework of its humanitarian approach, is ready to provide all forms of support to China and cooperate with the international community to address For this virus.”

Increase the ceiling of procedural measures

With the unprecedented spread of the virus in Europe and its classification by the World Health Organization was raised as a pandemic and to ensure the safety and health of citizens and residents on its soil, the UAE raised the ceiling of preventive and preventive measures and adopted several model steps.

Top of the measures was the suspension of flights to some countries that saw a rise in the number of people infected with the virus.

Emirates and Etihad Airways confirmed that they are dealing in a highly efficient way with passengers coming to Dubai and Abu Dhabi international airports, in terms of facing possible cases and dealing with the Coronavirus.

The UAE has also decided to stop issuing all visas from March 17, with the exception of the diplomatic passport campaign “a temporary halt”, as part of the precautionary measures it is taking in response to the World Health Organization raising the level of the new Coronavirus to a “pandemic.”

Also, the precautionary measures included activating the remote work of some groups, suspending the study and promoting distance learning, postponing the programmed activities for the month of March, closing entertainment and touristic places, and banning shisha in cafes and restaurants.

In addition to establishing a sterilization and cleaning plan for public transportation, schools, public spaces and mosques.

The UAE Football Association also decided to suspend activity in the country for 4 weeks as a precaution due to the Coronavirus.

Humanitarian aids From inside the UAE to abroad

The UAE comprehensive strategy to combat the Coronavirus did not stop at home, so it spread abroad to include medical aid and equipment, and then evacuated the nationals of sisterly and friendly countries from the Chinese Wuhan, the focus of the virus.

In an automatic humanitarian approach and unlimited tender, the UAE expressed its full readiness to provide all support to face the crisis of the spread of “emerging coronavirus” and to translate it on the ground by transporting a UAE plane to medical supplies and equipment provided by the World Health Organization to Iran as part of its efforts to contain the virus.

This confirms the UAE’s keenness to cooperate with the international community to face challenges and risks and confirms the importance of its steadfast role in promoting global endeavours for the noble goals that are being achieved.

Economic support

In parallel with the preventive and medical measures and international cooperation, the United Arab Emirates has fortified its economy and markets with its various components from the Coronavirus epidemic by announcing a package of measures, incentives and financial facilities for various economic sectors.

These UAE comprehensive strategy measures had a great impact on the UAE economy and reduced negative effects on it, as have the economies of many Arab and European countries since the spread of the Coronavirus.

The efforts of the UAE leaders

The efforts of the UAE leaders to confront the Coronavirus included communication with international organizations and businessmen who have charitable contributions, including a phone call between Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the American businessman Bill Gates, who addressed ways to support efforts to develop a treatment for and prevention of the Coronavirus.

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