UAE allows citizens and residents travel … Know procedures

The United Arab Emirates announced, Friday, that travel has become available to citizens and residents in general in accordance with health requirements.

UAE citizens and residents travel

According to the Emirates News Agency, the travel procedures have been updated, as it has become available for citizens and residents to travel in general in accordance with health requirements and according to internationally available destinations.

The National Authority for Emergency and Crisis and Disaster Management, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship clarified in a joint statement that the door of travel will be available to citizens and residents of the destinations that national carriers travel to and other carriers according to a classification based on a methodology followed in distributing countries based on several health criteria.

The door of travel for UAE citizens and residents is open now

The statement stated that the health protocols in travel will be applied according to the country’s airports under the current conditions, which depends on a number of major axes, such as public health, required checks from destination countries and upon return, as well as quarantine, and self-monitoring of the health of the traveller, in addition to Awareness of precautions and precautions.

The statement stressed that compulsory requirements must be adhered to before departure and upon arrival from travel destinations were citizens and residents must:

– Register with Twajudi service to facilitate communication with them while travelling.

– In addition to conducting a COVID-19 examination before travel, depending on the health regulations in the desired destination, which may require a recent result not to exceed 48 hours from the date of travel.

– That the result of the examination be presented through the application of the fort or highlighting that it is free of the virus for the concerned authorities at the country’s airports.

– If the result of the examination of COVID-19 is negative for the traveller then travel will not be allowed, as well as, obtaining international health insurance with the traveller, that must be valid throughout the period of travel and also, covers the desired destination.

– The statement also shows that United Arab Emirates citizens and residents return also requires inconsistency or no violation with the declared protection procedures and requirements that regulate all issues and requirements of return.

– The most important protection procedures for the United Arab Emirates citizens and residents of which are the pre-examination in countries where laboratories are available.

– The statement advised not to travel to people over the age of seventy years and advised to avoid travelling to people with chronic diseases in order to preserve their safety.

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