UAE Calls for safety measures in light of Coronavirus

The United Arab Emirates government is calling for heightened safety measures in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. They are calling for all citizens, residents and visa holders to wear protective face masks and gloves whenever they leave their homes. UAE government calls all residents especially workers there from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to social distance and wearing muzzles and gloves

Protective gear is the new normal

The UAE has been one of the fastest nations to react to the Coronavirus outbreak. Now new rules have come into place that requires anyone leaving their home to wear a protective face mask and gloves.

Wearing protective gear required in addition to the pre-existing social distancing initiatives.

These safety directives are a preemptive measure to ensure the safety of all citizens and residents of the UAE.

Migrant workers explicitly requested to wear safety equipment

Immigrant workers from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh specifically asked to comply with the safety directives. Workers are not exempt from the safety requirements, even if they work in a key industry.

How masks and gloves prevent the spread of COVID-19

There are two main types of masks that are being recommended for use during the Coronavirus pandemic. The simple 3-ply surgical masks and the more advanced N-95 masks. N-95 masks are more effective at filtering micro particles than the 3-ply surgical masks, but both offer significant protection for an individual.

Wearing latex surgical gloves can help prevent your hands from coming into contact with infected surfaces. It’s important to remember not to touch your face while wearing the gloves, as they can potentially transfer infection in this way.

Both protective masks and gloves should dispose of immediately after use. Masks generally last for an 8 hour period, unless they become wet or damaged. It’s not recommended to re-use either gloves or masks. You should dispose of your used safety equipment by wrapping it up in a tissue and throwing it away in a sealed dustbin.

Remember that Coronavirus can live for up to 72 hours on some surfaces. Exercise caution even while wearing protective gear.

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