UAE will see more smart buildings as part of the new transition

Industry analysts say that technology will play a larger role in this transition when we start living in this strange ‘modern normal’. The industry is going to see increased interest in emerging tools such as Intelligent Building Management Systems (BMS), Touchless Access Control Systems, Facial Recognition, Heat Sensors, Advanced HAVAC and, to name a few, Drones. 

The focus should be on how we can future-proof our homes while providing spaces for social activity,” according to Jon Sander, associate partner of Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ), who has created some of the most iconic buildings in the UAE, “Architects and planners are called upon to think ahead of time and come up with something that is authentic.

UAE is looking for a unique transition

Sander says it is important for developers and architects to be able to look ahead. Also to create what the market will require. They will also need to explain and demonstrate how advanced buildings in construction can change the way we work. Also how they can be modified.

As the sector is undergoing a transition, construction companies engaged in project execution are now improving their game by implementing technology and instruments that not only build a healthy and stable working atmosphere for their workers, but also ensuring that architecture, supply chain or workforce challenges do not hinder projects.

Architecture developing is going further

Experts at 3D modelling and engineering software provider Autodesk say that in the past decade. The AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) has undergone exponential evolution. Also Covid-19 has driven transition like never before. From modern physical distance criteria and supply chain impacts to the unexpected need for remote jobs.

“Companies have continued to advance digital construction and automation of design workflows. In order to increase efficiency and reduce waste.” Louay Dahmash, head of EMEA Emerging Autodesk, said.

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