UN praises UAE logistical assistance for emergency airlift assistance to Ethiopian refugees

The UAE has been commended by the UN Refugee Agency for helping humanitarian efforts to provide emergency airlift assistance and supplies to Ethiopian refugees in Sudan.

UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees Speaker Babar Baloch told a news briefing in Geneva that a plane carrying 32 tons of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) emergency assistance from a global stockpile in Dubai arrived in Khartoum on Friday. Another airlift is going to depart Dubai with 100 tons of extra relief items on Monday. The Multinational Humanitarian City in Dubai, IHC, hosts UNHCR’s worldwide stockpile.

UAE pushes remarkable aids for the Ethiopian refugees

5,000 mats, 4,500 solar lamps, 2,900 mosquito nets, 200 plastic sheets and 200 plastic rolls were part of the cargo. 1.275 family tents and 10 prefabricated warehouses can bring a second airlift. This assistance would address more than 16,000 people’s urgent housing needs.

Last week the United Arab Emirates announced the allocation of AED 18.4 million (US$5.0 million). This was to help newly arriving Ethiopian refugees in Sudan.

After the beginning of the fighting in the northern Tigray region of Ethiopia in early November. He noted that more than 43,000 refugees have entered Sudan in search of safety and shelter. Adding that the UNHCR needs more funds and that Sudan desperately needs international assistance to aid refugees, almost half of whom are children.

Concerns for the protection of civilians in the conflict are increasing within the Tigray region. Especially in its capital of Mekele, home to more than 500,000 citizens.

As the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate in Tigray, UNHCR remains concerned, including for those displaced and for some 96,000 Eritrean refugees who will run out of food as soon as Monday if supplies can not reach them.” We join other humanitarian agencies to reiterate our call for the safety of civilians and urgent humanitarian access to resume the delivery of sustained life

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