UAE applies the best health standards to confront Coronavirus

The UAE stressed the application of the best health and safety standards in the world with full responsibility and accuracy. While the health authorities and all concerned agencies in the UAE work with international and local bodies and experts. In order to ensure that our societies and travellers are educated about precautionary measures to counter the effects of the Coronavirus.

UAE applies the best health standards to confront Coronavirus

UAE advises against coronavirus outbreak

Dubai Smart Health Corridor

The UAE leadership in overcoming the worst situations

  • The UAE surpassed some of the worst situations and crises that hit the world in the past. Including epidemics or natural disasters.
  • As these crises were only an opportunity to come out from them with lessons learned that refine our experiences and enable us to develop solutions.
  • So, It enhances the ability of the UAE to face any situation It is difficult with all the necessary strength and flexibility.
  • The situation will not be different this time as well, and it will remain vigilant and at the highest levels of readiness.
  • As is the case throughout the UAE, to deal efficiently with any developments.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, said in a statement today:

  1. The well-trained teams work around the clock to provide the highest levels of support and care.
  2. While all international transit travellers coming to the country are monitored.
  3. Eventually, The tireless efforts of these teams will help maintain the UAE’s position as a global travel hub.

UAE Intensive Precautionary Measures

The spread of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19)

  • The intensive precautionary measures took by the health authorities in the Emirates to protect all members of society, including citizens and residents as well as visitors.
  • As well as, the full appreciation to the officials and workers in various fields. Who continue to make the utmost efforts with dedication and full commitment around the clock
  • In order to preserve the health and safety of the people of the Emirates as well as travellers At a time when regions of the world are witnessing the spread of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), confirming that travel is still safe.

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