UAE and WHO send aid plane to Somalia

The United Arab Emirates is once again showing its dedication to human spirit and solidarity. In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many countries have begun to run out of medical supplies. Now the UAE is working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to send Somalia critical healthcare materials.

A coronavirus afflicted world lacks resources to fight back

Humanity is suffering from dark times. The Coronavirus pandemic has ripped its way through almost every nation on planet earth. Many of these countries have been so short on medical supplies they haven’t been able to fight back efficiently.

The UAE is in a better position than most. In fact, it cited as being the safest place in the world many times over since the outbreak first began. Over a decade of critical investment into key healthcare infrastructures have stood the UAE in good stead to fight back against the virus.

Working closely with WHO the UAE has successfully delivered a plane containing medical supplies to the people of Somalia. Around 21 tonnes of medical supplies packed into the aid carrying aircraft. It expected to provide enough supplies to equip 27,000 medical workers on the frontlines.

How has Somalia been affected by Coronavirus?

Somalia is currently the subject of extended military conflict. Putting the people of the country in a weak position when it comes to fighting off a deadly virus. Therefore, it is critical that the virus not allowed to spread to epidemic levels.

The country is currently experiencing the initial stages of Coronavirus outbreak. There are 60 confirmed infected cases and two recorded deaths.

Former Somalian Prime Minister, Nur Hassan Hussein contracted the Coronavirus in March. He treated in a London hospital but sadly passed away on April 2nd.

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