UAE and United States … a successful model for nuclear cooperation

The UAE’s ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al-Otaiba, praised the successful cooperation of Washington and Abu Dhabi in the nuclear energy program, saying that it had produced a promising clean energy plant.

The strongest civil nuclear cooperation agreement in history

UAE and United States nuclear cooperation

According to Ambassador Al-Otaiba

He clarified that:

The seeds of this project planted ten years ago when the United States and the UAE signed the strongest civil nuclear cooperation agreement in history.

He pointed out that:

Negotiations made progress during the last year of the administration of former US President George W. Bush. But circles keen to reduce nuclear proliferation did not hide their concerns.

Doubts were expressed at that time, and some feared that the Middle East would not be sufficiently prepared for a peaceful nuclear program.

A successful model for nuclear cooperation

The UAE announced that:

The fuel loading of the first unit of the Barakah Nuclear power plant will be completed. When the four units will enter the scope of work. The facility will cover more than 25 percent From the UAE‘s need for electricity, without any carbon emissions.

The agreement signed at the end of the Bush administration, and supported by the administration of former President Barack Obama, and after approval in the Congress and seen by the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US House of Representatives, then, Howard Berman, the agreement entered into force in December 2009.

And Al-Otaiba stated that the international community should abide by these conditions, in the event of renewing the nuclear agreement with Iran after US President Donald Trump withdrew from it in May 2018.

The “Barakah” plant

Clean Energy Plant

Al-Otaiba revealed that the “Barakah” plant will guarantee the supply of 6 gigawatts of electrical energy, with a small level of carbon.

Al-Otaiba stressed that:

The pursuit of clean energy should not turn into an excuse to jeopardize the world.

After the nuclear agreement between the UAE and the United States ran well, new and better rules.

Eventually, established an enormous source of clean energy and reduced the risks of nuclear proliferation.

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