UAE and India support each other during the Corona crisis

The UAE sent an aid plane containing 7 tons of medical supplies to India to support the country in curbing the spread of the emerging Coronavirus (Covid-19). It will benefit more than 7 thousand healthcare workers to contain the spread of the virus.

UAE sends 7 tons of medical aid to India

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Rahman Al-Banna, the UAE’s ambassador to India said, the UAE committed to providing effective support to countries in the face of the pandemic. This assistance comes to India in appreciation of the long-standing friendship between our two countries over the years. The spread of (Covid-19) became a source of global concern. In addition, we are fully convinced that strengthening countries’ efforts to contain the virus is an urgent necessity. It is also worth noting that the UAE sent more than 348 tons of aid to more than 34 countries, in order to benefit nearly 348 thousand medical professionals.

India sends medical and nursing personnel to the Emirates

The UAE embassy in New Delhi stated that the Indian authorities allowed the dispatch of a medical team consisting of 88 specialists, doctors, and nurses. the first team of healthcare professionals to arrive in the UAE from India. It will also support the efforts of the country in containing the pandemic of the Coronavirus.

The embassy said through its account on Twitter, that this step reflects the special attention that the Indian government attaches to the bilateral relations between the two countries.

The UAE recently obtained the approval of the Indian government to export 30 million tablets of hydroxychloroquine, as well as a shipment of medicine that came from Mumbai and Bangalore, amounting to 5.5 million tablets.

The bilateral relations between both countries has had an effect on issuing an approval on the export of orders to the UAE.

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