UAE and Britain strengthen coordination to counter coronavirus

The UAE and Britain are looking to strengthen coordination to counter Coronavirus and stimulate economic activity and trade partnership.

Top points of discussion between UAE and Britain

UAE and Britain Ministers

Engineer Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, Minister of Economy, discussed with His Excellency Connor Burns, Minister of Commerce at the Ministry of International Trade in the United Kingdom.

Ways to enhance economic and trade cooperation between the two countries

Coordination between the UAE and British governments to further solidarity.

Cooperation in combating the spread of the emerging coronavirus and facing its effects on the economy and society.

Bi-Coordination to counter coronavirus

The two ministers discussed the importance of intensifying cooperation in the current stage. In order to exchange experiences and secure the transportation of medical equipment, medicines, commodities, and products related to the current crisis. The two parties also discussed the importance of preserving and developing existing channels of trade and investment cooperation, most notably the Emirati-British Business Council, to work through them to develop the partnership to address challenges and focus on possible opportunities, to serve the requirements of both countries, either to face the repercussions of the crisis of COVID 19 or to stimulate the affected sectors and achieve Economic recovery.

Teleconference meeting participants

This came during a teleconference meeting with the participation of:

  1. His Excellency Mansour Belhoul, UAE Ambassador.
  2. The United Kingdom, His Excellency Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Shehhi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for Economic Affairs.
  3. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Saleh, Undersecretary for Foreign Trade Affairs.
  4. His Excellency Simon Benny British Trade Commissioner.

Engineer Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori said that the economic relations between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom are historical relations and are based on a solid partnership and that the challenges faced by the world in the current stage as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus make the intensification of cooperation a priority and a necessity to enhance capabilities in facing the health, social and economic impacts of the crisis, He pointed out that the United Kingdom is one of the most important trading partners of the UAE in Europe and the world, and that the country is keen on the safety of trade and facilitating its procedures with various countries of the world, including Britain, to ensure the continuous supply of goods and materials. Medical and basic to meet domestic demand as well as to support partner countries.

For his part, Minister Conor Burns commended the role of the UAE as a major partner for the United Kingdom not only at the Gulf level but also at the global level. It praised the plans announced to support the UAE economy and maintain its performance and competitiveness. Through huge incentive packages, stressing the strength of relations and ties of cooperation between the two countries in various fields. Stressing the importance of intensifying joint work during the current phase to expand the scope of cooperation and synergy in facing the Coronavirus crisis.

UAE’s efforts to facilitate bilateral trade

Burns commended the UAE’s efforts to facilitate bilateral trade between the two countries. Including reducing requirements for branding imported British products to speed up the movement of goods between the two countries. Expressing the desire of his country’s government to focus on what the two countries can do bilaterally. Particularly in promoting trade and exploring opportunities Cooperation after changing the economic priorities of most countries. As well as defining cooperation plans in promising sectors during the coming stages.

The UAE-British Business Council

The two ministers agreed on the importance of the joint efforts currently underway to develop the structure of the UAE-British Business Council. Which reflects the interest of the governments of the two countries in it and their confidence in its ability. In order to enhance the existing bilateral partnership, especially in light of the priority sectors in which the Council works to develop cooperation between the business communities of the two countries through Most notably, financial technology, education skills, health care and life sciences, clean energy, small and medium enterprises, artificial intelligence and innovation.

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