UAE and Britain Joint statement strengthening strategic dialogue

Joint statement: The UAE and Britain affirm their continued commitment to developing their partnership and strengthening strategic dialogue. The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom confirmed their intention to continue their commitment to developing their partnership and strengthening the strategic dialogue between two friendly countries.

The UAE and Britain agree to increase trade and investment cooperation

The UAE and the UK government have agreed to strengthen partnership and cooperation, especially in the areas of trade and investment; As well as research, development and climate change.

The UAE and Britain agree to increase trade and investment cooperation

Mohamed bin Zayed meeting with Boris Johnson

According to the joint statement issued after the meeting of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed, and the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. During their meeting, they showed approval for strengthening the economic relations between two countries and to cooperate across priority areas such as life sciences, health care, and future technologies.


Mohamed bin Zayed meeting with Prince Charles Philip

Highlighting the importance of cooperation in combating corona pandemic

It is noteworthy that Mohamed bin Zayed arrived in Britain as part of a working visit, during which he met Prince Charles Philip, Crown Prince of the United Kingdom, they discussed the historical friendship between the UAE and the United Kingdom and various aspects of joint cooperation, in addition to international efforts made in order to contain the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mohamed bin Zayed and Prince Charles Philip showed their adherence for strengthening their multilateral institutions and the international law-based system between UAE and Britain in order to enhance mutual security, stability and prosperity.

His Highness and Prince Charles Philip referred to the historical impact of the Ibrahim Agreement signed between the UAE and Israel, reinforcing on the importance of finding peaceful solutions to the ongoing conflicts in the region.

Both sides also agreed during the meeting on the importance of common values, including tolerance, peaceful coexistence and respect for all cultures and religions.

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