UAE ranks first regionally with 10 global indicators 2020

The United Arab Emirates spares no effort to maintain its regional and global position, and to achieve leadership in all economic, social and health fields, as it ranked as the first regionally with 10 global indicators 2020

The UAE 10 global indicators 2020

In the following report, Al-Ru’ya monitored the UAE’s superiority and its regional victory in 10 global indicators recently released in 2020.

1- Leading the most competitive countries

For the fourth year in a row, the UAE topped the countries of the Middle East and North Africa region in the Global Book Competitiveness Report 2020 issued by the Global Competitiveness Center of the International Institute for Administrative Development in Lausanne, Switzerland, which ranked the country ranked ninth in the world among the most competitive countries in the world.

The UAE is the only Arab country that has succeeded in preserving its position within the Club of the Top Ten in the annual book report on global competitiveness, for 4 consecutive years, since it joined the list of the top ten in 2017.

The country ranked first globally in 23 indicators, the most prominent of which are (employment rate, terms of trade exchange, few threats to change business locations on the economy, consumer price inflation, household consumption expenditures, absence of bureaucracy, the resilience of residency laws, low costs of compensation for termination of worker services, low debt ratio External government, lack of tax evasion, low collection of personal income tax, less collected indirect tax revenue, actual personal tax, female representation in Parliament).

2- The first with smart services

The UAE ranked first in the Gulf, Arab region and West Asia, and the eighth globally in the Smart Services Index for e-government development issued by the United Nations this July, as it ranked fourth in Asia in this indicator.

This indicator focuses on the role of digital transformation programs in narrowing the gap between segments of society in various fields and monitors the role of governments around the world in engaging the audience of customers in developing services, policies and programs that benefit everyone.

3- Communications infrastructure

The UAE ranked first in the Middle East region and the seventh in the world in the telecommunications infrastructure index, according to the report of the United Nations Smart Government Survey 2020, and it ranked second in Asia in this index.

The country maintained the first position globally in the mobile phone subscriptions index and advanced from the second place to the first globally in the mobile broadband Internet index.

4- The most secure

The country ranked first regionally and globally in the percentage of the feeling of safety, according to the Gallup Report on Law and Global Order 2019.

The UAE achieved a score of 95.9% on the general index, ahead of the countries of Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland and Spain, which are known to be among the safest countries in the world.

5- Excellence in the Global Happiness Index

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world for the sixth year in a row, in the World Happiness Report 2020, to continue its global progress, surpassing many developed countries and economies, in the global report issued annually by the United Nations Network for Sustainable Development Solutions.

The report includes for the first time this year a special indicator that classifies levels of happiness at the city level through the assessment of individuals for their lives in general, as it included 186 cities around the world, and Abu Dhabi and Dubai ranked first in the Arab world as the happiest city.

6- The rule of law

The UAE topped the countries of the Middle East and North Africa region in the results of the annual report of the “Rule of International Law” index for 2020, recording 0.65 points on the general index.

The UAE advanced two places in the index, as it rose from 32nd to 30th in the world in the general index prepared by the American “The World Justice Project” for research.

Where the UAE stands in COVID-19 safety rankings of the 10 global indicators 2020?

7- The best against the Corona pandemic

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world and 18th in the world between the countries of the region and the best in facing the Corona pandemic “Covid-19”, according to a report by the British Research Center (Deep Knowledge Group) (DKG).

The country came under the classification of the British Research Center, which was issued in mid-May, in order of more than 100 countries in the world in terms of their effectiveness in dealing with the virus.

8- The best educational systems

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world and the 20th globally with a ranking of the best educational systems in the world, and it scored 64 degrees in the quality of education, and 52.94 degrees in the opportunity of education, according to a recent study issued by the American newspaper “CEOWORLD magazine”

9- Confidence of indirect investment

Regionally, the UAE topped the confidence index in foreign direct investment 2020, and ranked 19th globally, according to the classification issued by the global company, “Kearney” Consulting.

The UAE, which is entering the index for the first time, showed progress with the rankings of countries such as Denmark, Portugal, Brazil, Norway and Taiwan.

10- The first with the index of “soft power”

The UAE was also ranked first regionally and 18th globally on the “Soft Power” index, an indicator issued by the British “Brand Finance” company specializing in trademark research.

The index monitors the strengths of states and their determinants of influence other than military strength, including the strength of their economy, their attractiveness to business, their cultural influence, and their scientific achievements.

Source: gulfnews
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