Träsch: I am lucky to be in Dubai during the Corona pandemic

Fortunately for him that he lives in the Dubai at the present time with the pandemic of the coronavirus, as he enjoys many things, despite the restrictions imposed, as far as he described that the most prominent of these things is “waking up in the sunlight and seeing the sea”, This is how the German player Träsch told the German newspaper “Bild”.

Then he added that fortunately, he is able to leave the house, but according to the safety and security measurements and precautions, as he wears protective masks and hand-covers, and in general when going out to buy the necessary things.

Pointing out that he feels comfortable and satisfied because of his presence in Dubai, at a time when most of the countries of the world live in difficult and unfortunate conditions due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Praised his experience with Al Wasl, although many clubs gave him good offers, saying, “I didn’t want to sign any club just because I wanted to play football.”

It was remarkable in the dialogue his statement that he is now learning Arabic with his family, which consists of his wife and two daughters, “We got the greatest gift, which is the ability to learn a new language,” Träsch added

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