A global celebration of UAE team’s victory in Tour of France

The crowning of the Slovenian Tady Bogachar, cyclist of the Emirates team, at the Tour of France, after the end of his 21st and last round, reverberations locally and internationally, in light of the achievement of the young cyclist who attached him to several records.

The UAE team’s victory in the Tour of France

On the local level, the UAE celebrated the crowning of its team, the most prestigious international tour in the world of cycling, and Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, greeted and congratulated the team after the distinguished sporting achievement it had achieved.

Emirates team achievement at the Tour of France

Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan praised the value of the great achievement and raising the UAE flag in the global coronation podiums due to the Tour of France, praising the great efforts to lead and manage the team, which, with its proper planning and good organization, was able to achieve important titles in international partnerships and ancient races in a short period of time.

Burj Khalifa Celebrates the UAE team global victory

Tour of France
Emirates team achievement at the Tour of France

In Dubai, the famous Burj Khalifa celebrated the crowning of the prestigious championship after the achievement of Tadi Bogachar, where he reflected a picture of the cyclist with the logo of the UAE team in the tournament.

Bogachar had achieved many distinguished achievements and numbers other than his crowning of the title, as the 22-year-old became the youngest cyclist to be crowned in the race since Henry Cornette in 1904 when he won at the age of nineteen.



A global celebration

The British newspaper “The Guardian” sheds light on the Slovenian cyclist and being the youngest player to win the title in more than 100 years.

The newspaper quoted Mauro Gianti, the coach of the Emirates team, who said: “Since the first stage we had confidence in our ability to win, and when we lost one time, Tady Pugachar was the quietest in the team, and he told us not to worry, I will take over the attack … the competitions are still … Long, we shall return to the competition. ”

The coach added, “Tadi Pugachar had a clear vision that victory was possible and possible for us. He worked a lot for this achievement and was brilliant in the last race.”

CNN highlighted the coronation of the UAE team player, describing him as having made a new history as the first Slovenian to win the title.

The report indicated that Tady Pugachar did a wonderful job with the Emirates team during the competitions of the Tour of France after winning 3 races during the circumnavigation rounds, to deserve the coronation in the end.

The American newspaper “Los Angeles Times” reported that the Emirates team won the Tour of France after describing the performance of Tady Pugachar as amazing and shocking because of his extreme magnificence, and his impact on crowning his team the title.

The report stated that the victory in the Tour of France is not in itself an achievement, but rather it lies in the way in which the UAE team cyclist directed to outperform all its competitors with impressive numbers.

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