The United Arab Emirates has 18 satellites

The space field has become a catalyst for the national economy, as the number of companies operating in it has reached 50 companies, in addition to 3 thousand employees working in the sector. The country also has 18 satellites, of which 10 are in orbit, and 8 are under manufacturing. This is confirmed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Ahbabi, General Director of the Emirates Space Agency.

He pointed out that the UAE hosts 5 research centers and scientific institutions in the field of space, among them the National Center for Space Science and Technology at the UAE University, and there are 3 universities in the country that provide space education, namely: Emirates University, Khalifa University and University of Sharjah, and it also has distinguished international relations in the field of space

He said: “The country has a wonderful initiative, which is activating Arab cooperation in the field of space, and working on an initiative that includes 14 Arab countries to establish the Arab Group for Space Cooperation, and gives hope to the youth of the Arab region, and is considered a platform for cooperation”.

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