The UAE’s Aid-Intensive COVID Model

The United Arab Emirates has consistently been cited as one of the safest places in the world during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is in large part due to the skilful way the UAE government has handled the fight against the virus. Unlike many other countries that have been overrun by infected cases, the UAE has persistently increased countermeasures as the number of global infected grow.

The UAE’s Aid-Intensive COVID Model: Keep Temperatures Low and Prepare for a Re-Start

Countermeasures in place: strategy meets execution

Nobody could have predicted the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Most of us had no chance to prepare for our entire way of life changed in just a few short weeks.

While it would have been impossible to see this coming before it began, many countries ignored the early warning signs. Now those countries are suffering the results of their inaction. Hospitals are overrun and death tolls reach into the many thousands.

The UAE was one of the first countries to take serious notice of the spread of COVID-19. Back in January Coronavirus was beginning its journey across mainland China, originating from the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province. While many paid the virus no heed, the UAE was carefully monitoring the situation.

Over the next few weeks, all hell would break loose. The entire world would as we know it threw into a state of shutdown.

One nation prepared though, the UAE prepared its pandemic strategy before the first infected case reported on Emirates soil.

Due to a series of investments into medical infrastructure over the last decade, the UAE already positioned better to deal with a viral outbreak. But that was not enough for the Emirates authorities, the safety of citizens and residents was the highest priority.

Every time the pandemic has grown in severity the UAE has aggressively increased its countermeasures.

Waiting for the storm to pass

Dealing with a global crisis like the Coronavirus pandemic calls for a different approach to many other disasters. The UAE has constantly balanced the needs of its people and the humanitarian efforts delivered to other countries.

Now it has become apparent that the world needs to isolate and ride out the pandemic with as little loss of life as possible. Once again the UAE is ahead of the curve, extensive quarantine measures have been in place for weeks.

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