The UAE government announces gradual opening of mosques

Yesterday, the UAE government held a periodic briefing in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to show the latest developments related to the efforts of various state institutions, to limit the spread of the coronavirus, and to announce the latest decisions taken to achieve a gradual and safe return in various areas of life.

The UAE government gradual return in various areas of life

During the briefing, Dr. Amna Al-Dahhak Al-Shamsi, an official spokeswoman for the Emirates government, revealed the developments of the health situation and the number of cases related to (COVID-19), indicating that, the rate of recoveries reached 77%. Meanwhile, Dr. Seif Al-Dhaheri, the official spokesperson for the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, announced a new set of important decisions, on top of which was the gradual start of opening places of worship as of July 1.

Average and coronavirus cases statistical update

And Dr. Amna Al-Dahhak confirmed that the average daily recovery cases exceeded 660 cases, praising the efforts of health teams ’staff, including doctors and nurses.

She pointed to the continuation of the proactive strategy adopted by the state, which is based on conducting the largest number of examinations, as the ministry conducted 43,551 new examinations, which revealed the registration of 449 injuries, all of which receive health care, bringing the total number of recorded cases to 48,246.

665 cases were declared cured, bringing the total number to 37,076, while one death was recorded, bringing the total deaths to 314, while the number of cases still receiving treatment reached 10,856.

She stressed that the UAE, with its various institutions and the efforts of all working groups, continues to take more steps to return activities and normalcy to its normal position in all fields and that the current stage is important, critical, and requires great awareness and cooperation from all.

The gradual opening of mosques and places of worship begins tomorrow

Dr. Seif Al Dhaheri announced the gradual return to open mosques, chapels, and places of worship to establish the five daily prayers throughout the country, in coordination with the competent federal and local authorities, as of July 1, and a capacity of no more than 30% with the application of preventive and precautionary measures.

He stressed that this step was preceded by great efforts by the competent authorities, as it conducted examinations that included imams of mosques, and all workers in places of worship, explaining that the decision excludes a number of mosques and places of worship, including external road chapels, industrial areas, labour cities, and chapels of complexes and centres Business, parks and parks, which will remain closed until further notice.

UAE government suspend Friday prayers in mosques

He stated that he will continue to suspend Friday prayers in mosques until further notice, and therefore mosques will not open at this time only, calling for a commitment to precautionary and preventive measures when attending mosques, including a commitment to apply the spacing between worshipers, by leaving a safe distance of three meters between the praying And another, and not to assemble, and shake hands in all its forms.

Continuous of National sterilization programs

The necessity of ablution in the home, and sterilization of the hands before coming to the mosques, in addition to the obligation to wear the masks when attending each prayer, pointing out that reading the Qur’an is limited to the personal Qur’an or electronic only.

The worshiper must bring his own prayer rug, and it is not allowed to leave it in the mosque after the end of the prayer, as well as everyone should download the application of the “fort” on their smartphones.

He explained that the guidelines and controls will be circulated through the concerned authorities.

Al-Dhaheri stressed that the elderly, children under the age of 12, and those with chronic diseases or respiratory illnesses should not attend mosques in order to preserve their health and safety. Likewise, those who reside with people in contact with him do not attend, which also applies to everyone who has an injured resident with him, and who receives treatment, until his health is confirmed.

He announced that, based on the health status assessment, mosques and places of worship will be closed, where any injuries or cases will be discovered, and necessary measures will be taken.

In another context, Al Dhaheri announced the lifting of restrictions on the use of pleasure boats and personal and commercial yachts, provided that the capacity does not exceed 50%, and that the use of water bikes is limited to only one person.
At the end of the briefing, Dr. Amna stressed that everyone’s commitment at the present time will largely determine the features and steps of the coming period.

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