The UAE Stands in Solidarity with Indonesia and Armenia

The UAE always lends a helping hand in times of crisis. Yesterday, the UAE sent an aircraft carrying 20 tons of medical supplies to Indonesia. The supplies are meant to support more than 20,000 of those who work in the healthcare field.

In addition to that, Armenia received 7 tons of medical supplies from the UAE. Likewise, such support will help more than 7,000 medical workers in Armenia. The purpose of such humanitarian activities is to help different countries of the world in their fight against the coronavirus.

Abdullah Salem Al Dhaheri, Ambassador of the UAE to Indonesia, said: “In spite of the obstacles that the whole world faces today, we can survive by lending a helping hand to the countries that are most affected by this pandemic.”

Moreover, Mohammed Issa Al Qattam Al Zaabi, ambassador of the UAE to Armenia, commented: “It is an honour for the UAE to stay committed to helping other countries combat the novel coronavirus.”

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