The UAE is the world leader in Corona examinations

The UAE topped the world in laboratory tests to detect the emerging “Corona” virus. The Ministry of Health and Community Protection confirmed that as of yesterday, 127,000 cases had been laboratory tested at the national level to ensure their safety and freedom from symptoms of the emerging coronavirus.

UAE laboratory tests topped the world

The UAE is the world leader in Corona examinations

These statistics confirm the exceptional efforts made by the UAE to contain the effects of the virus since its appearance. As it turns out that 13,020 individuals out of every million people examined. In addition, it is the percentage by which the UAE exceeds the most affected country by the disease at the level of the size of testing conducted compared to the number Population.

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Statistics confirm the efficiency of the UAE Corona examinations

Statistics of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection indicate that the rate of HIV infection in the country is 0.8 out of every thousand people.

The health authorities in the country are keen to intensify efforts. In order to ensure the participation of all parties concerned to control the Corona epidemic.

Coronavirus international statistic tests

An international statistic on Coronavirus tests revealed that the rate of the 13,000 tests per million registered in the UAE is significantly higher than the rates recorded at the global level. Despite the limited number of infections in the country. Which confirms the severity of the precautionary measures adopted by the UAE to prevent the spread of the virus.

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