The UAE is the homeland of humanity

The humanitarian role of the United Arab Emirates and the assistance it provides to all countries of the world and its response to the crisis of the spread of the coronavirus.

The UAE announced the establishment of a preventative health centre within the Emirates Humanitarian City to provide healthcare for people evacuated from Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak. The announcement follows the directives issued by the UAE leadership. Planes will be sent out to transport a number of
nationals back to the UAE’s healthcare facility.

The UAE is the homeland of humanity

Dealing with the crisis of the spread of the coronavirus

The UAE committed to the approach of giving to other countries and peoples in distress and crisis.

The emerging crisis of the Coronavirus confirmed the stability and effectiveness of this approach.

This evidenced by statements from several sides and media reports that talked about the UAE’s assistance to others and presented it to the affected countries.

The epidemic has all kinds of help, as foreign media have described the Emirates as the homeland of humanity.

Abu Dhabi “Humanitarian City”

The UAE preventive health centre

In the implementation of the rational leadership directives.

The UAE established a preventive health centre within the “Humanitarian City” in Abu Dhabi.

In order to provide medical care for citizens of other countries who were evacuated from the Chinese province of Hubei.

The epicentre of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, and ordered to send a private plane.

In order to transport a number of nationals of the world from Chinese Hubei Province to the Emirates healthcare.

The Emirates Humanitarian Initiative

It praised by David Paisley, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program during his meeting with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

  1. So, They praised the support provided by the UAE to the World Health Organization.
  2. By allocating a plane to transport medical supplies and equipment provided by the organization to Iran.
  3. As part of its efforts to contain the emerging coronavirus.
  4. Eventually, Stressed that the UAE is a major donor to the World Food Program and a key partner in its humanitarian missions around the world.
The UAE has committed to help bring affected countries back to recovery, but the global outbreak of the virus has shown to be interfering with the stability and effectiveness of this approach. Eventually, Evidence of this shown by media reports that have come back from countries receiving help, describing the UAE as the “homeland of humanity”

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