The UAE is leading the fourth industrial revolution

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading the fourth industrial revolution in the region, and they are pioneers in adopting these trends at the level of the Middle East and North Africa region.

The fourth industrial revolution in the region

The American magazine “Forbes” mentioned that

  1. Dubai was one of the first cities in the region and the world to implement the concepts of smart cities effectively.
  2. As it launched the “Smart Dubai” initiative.
  3. It applies it throughout the city, including government agencies and private entities.
  4. In order to make Dubai the city The smartest and happiest person on earth.

The report added:

  • Firstly, In the context of the ambitious plan, several countries around the world turned towards the initiatives of smart societies and cities.
  • Secondly, It started adopting strategies for digital transformation.
  • Finally, In an effort on their part to reap the benefits of this revolution and use it to achieve prosperity for its people.

“Saudi Vision 2030”

  1. The Kingdom launched the “Saudi Vision 2030”.
  2. It is an ambitious plan aimed at reducing the Saudi economy’s dependence on oil resources.
  3. Eventually, Through diversifying the economy and establishing new sectors of a service nature.
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