The UAE Global Record in children’s happiness

The UAE ranked first regionally and 17th globally in children’s happiness. On the list of the best countries in the world for the birth and living of children in 2020, issued recently by the “CEOWORLD” American magazine.

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Global Rank in children’s happiness

The list monitors the best countries in the world that provide a suitable environment for the birth and livelihood of children in 2020.

The criteria of choice

Determine the country’s balance

Collecting the balance of each country in two indicators related to raising children in an environment closer to idealism. In order to determine the country’s balance on the overall list.

Two indicators
  1. “Nutrition and health”
  2. “Education and happiness”

The UAE Global Record in children’s happiness

In the overall list, the UAE scored 88.27 out of 100, outperforming developed countries.

Such as:

The UAE Global Score

  1. The UAE scored 86.49 out of 100 in the “Nutrition and Health” index.
  2. As well as, it obtained 90.06 points in the “Education and Happiness” index.

The Emirates also received the general rating «AA», which is one of the high-class ratings for countries that provide a wonderful environment for raising children.

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