The UAE facilitates the evacuation of 26 US citizens

26 American citizens successfully returned home from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Friday the 27th of March. Due to the exceptional cooperation of the UAE in this crisis, the United States embassy was able to safely repatriate their people. Many of these people had been stuck at Dubai International Airport without any option to travel further onward.

Coronavirus is grounding flights

Coronavirus (COVID-1) cases worldwide have surpassed 750,000 confirmed infected. As we draw closer to reaching the one million infected cases across the globe countries. It must take extreme measures in order to protect their citizens. Due to the extremely infectious nature of COVID-19, many countries have closed their borders to travellers for the time being.

Airports have been identified as a key infection vector in the spread of Coronavirus, which makes them dangerous places to be during the pandemic. The UAE suspended all passenger flights for a two week period on the 23rd of March.

Even though the suspension of air travel has helped to stem the tide of the virus. Some travellers caught out, leaving them stranded.

American Ambassador praises UAE

The United States Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, John Rakolta Jr. thanked the UAE for their generosity. He expressed that the USA is deeply grateful to the assistance Etihad Airways provided during the repatriation process.

“This is another remarkable example of the depth of our friendship and cooperation with the UAE”, said the Ambassador.

The Americans aren’t the only ones who have benefited from the generosity of the United Arab Emirates in this situation though. Flydubai graciously provided assistance to 32 British citizens and returned them home safely.

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