The UAE celebrates Earth Hour digitally in 2020

The Emirates Nature Association has invited all social groups, individuals and companies, to participate in the “Earth Hour” initiative. The largest annual environmental event launched by WWF, Saturday, March 28 at 8:30 pm for one hour.

The “Earth Hour” initiative

The UAE celebrates Earth Hour digitally in 2020

The event aims to emphasize the need to take decisive and immediate action to address the challenges facing the planet.

Such as:

  • Climate change
  • Global warming
  • An unprecedented decline in rates of biodiversity

In view of the current global health situation in light of the world’s face of the spread of Corona Virus “Covid-19”. The UAE is celebrating for the first time the Earth Hour digitally. Which comes as part of the precautionary efforts aimed at ensuring the safety of community members and enabling them to celebrate this occasion in health and wellness.

Exacerbation of Environmental Challenges

The Assembly stressed that nature is the foundation upon which the safety and sustainability of the planet is based, which makes finding immediate and financially feasible solutions urgent to preserve it, especially in light of the exacerbation of environmental challenges, as the number of endangered species has reached nearly a million species around the world, and global warming reached To equations I got almost out of control.

The Earth Hour 2020 initiative

It represents an important opportunity for the United Arab Emirates to join millions of people around the world in spreading awareness about various environmental issues and facing their negative effects, which requires all groups of society, including individuals and institutions, to participate in the initiative to make a positive difference and work to provide a sustainable future As a safe and fit planet for everyone.

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