UAE sends medical aid to the state of Puntland in Somalia

The second consignment of medical assistance has been sent by the United Arab Emirates to Puntland in Somalia were cases of the Covid-19 pandemic have been increasing in recent days.

Covid-19 test kits were in the medical aid, according to the Puntland health minister who obtained the assistance that arrived at Bosaso airport today by aircraft.

The United Arab Emirates has been at the frontline of the worldwide fight against the pandemic, sending aircraft shipments of medical supplies and staff across the globe to aid nations struck hard by the epidemic as well as developing countries that have little ability to cope with such a global disaster.

The assistance was provided to officials from the Ministry of Health and Social Services in Somalia.

The United Arab Emirates sends aid to Somalia

The humanitarian support includes 7 tons of UAE drugs and supplies and 20 tons from the federal government of the World Health Organisation for Somalia.

The UAE recently sent medical equipment to the Puntland and Somaliland regions of Somalia to combat Coronavirus.

Since the start of 2018, when Mogadishu seized a plane carrying $10 m in cash. The UAE and Somalia have strained bilateral relations.

Somaliland ‘s ambassador to Kenya Bashe Omar said the supplies would help the government. Including fighting the virus that’s spreading all over the world.

“We appreciate the huge support coming from the United Arab Emirates. To help Somalians to improve our healthcare sector,” said Bashe.

UAE enormous support to Somalia

The UAE has given its enormous support to Somalia: they helped relieve the drought. They provided assistance during the Sagal hurricane and now Covid-19, as Somaliland citizens we say thank you and may Allah praise the UAE citizens abundantly,” Omar said.

However, frosty relations between the federal government and the leaders of the UAE meant something. It meant that much of their aid to Somalians had gone straight to either Puntland or Somaliland. Bypassing Mogadishu, while one consignment of UAE medical assistance arrived in the capital of Somalia last month.

Source: somaliaffairs
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