The Ministry of Interior detect Corona using police dogs

The Ministry of the Interior has successfully completed its experiments to benefit from police dogs in strengthening the preventive and precautionary measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus and contribute to the security, prevention and safety of society.

UAE succeeds in detecting Corona using police dogs

After completing scientific studies and practical experiences in this field to enhance the leadership and pre-eminence of the Emirates to be at the forefront of countries that adopt best practices in all fields, and the United Arab Emirates is recorded that it has completed the field experiment phase with priority over a number of countries that are still in advanced stages of studying the extent of the possibility of applying This innovative scientific practice.

The Emirati experiments were distinguished by relying on record speeds in taking samples from people under the armpit so that the samples were shown to dogs without any direct contact with people and with an immediate result, in addition to the traditional method of using police dogs to monitor and secure activities and vital areas.

Field experiments included a number of vital and health sites in cooperation with the general police leadership in the country, each of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Ministry of Community Development, the Federal Customs Authority, customs departments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, health authorities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, along with the French Ministry of Interior and the oldest veterinary school in Europe.

Statistics studies of the police dogs experiment

Where data and studies showed high levels of accuracy reached 91% after training for two weeks and about 88% in the field experiment to detect potentially infected with the emerging coronavirus.

The experiments included volunteers in a number of regions of the country and a field hospital, and after adopting all preventive measures to protect the police dog and its supervisory elements, the experiments were based on two methods, one of them directly, as part of the police dog’s work in routine regular inspection, and the other indirectly, that the police dog deals with the smell sample of the person to be detected, and the figures verified showed the speed of police dogs in determining the smells that can be emitted from those infected with coronavirus, the emerging and its ability to detect these cases.

What prompted the Ministry of Interior and partners to benefit from police dogs is the effectiveness of its ability, which was previously proven in detecting people with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria, and contributed significantly with the competent authorities in reducing the spread of epidemics, as well as workshops brainstorming and cooperation with a number of countries in the world and experts in Conducting discussions and theoretical studies on the use of dogs to detect “COVID-19” sufferers.

characteristics  of the police dogs

The trained police dogs are characterized by their very strong sense of smell, which can be used in police patrols and securing important vital sites, commercial centres, events, crowds, airports and vital areas.

Source: WAM
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