Commemorative stamps documenting “The Hope Probe”

Emirates Post, in cooperation with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and the Emirates Space Agency, announced the issuance of special commemorative stamps to document the UAE project to explore Mars – the Hope Probe, the first Arab project to explore other planets.

The Hope Probe stamps

The Hope probe historic moment designs

The commemorative stamp issue features four different designs, two of which carry images of the design of the Hope probe, while the other two designs commemorate the historic moment of its launch into space. Emirates Post issues 100,000 stamps and 1,000 envelopes for the first day of issuance. They were made available for sale at the main customer happiness centres of Emirates Post and the Emirates Post online store

The Hope probe will provide

-The first comprehensive and complete picture of the climatic conditions on Mars.

-The weather changes during the day and between the seasons of the year.

The Hope probe is expected to reach the orbit of Mars in February 2021, in conjunction with the golden jubilee of the United Arab Emirates.

The ground station in “Mohammed bin Rashid Space”: guidance and tests of the Hope Probe coming November

A number of the engineers of the ground monitoring station at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center explained that the next guidance process for the Hope probe to conduct new tests on its devices will be next November and that the more distance it travels, the number of times it is called, as it is currently called twice a week.

It is equipped With technical capabilities that make him able to deal with any problem that he may face directly without returning to the earth station, pointing out that they have not encountered any technical problem with him so far, and that this is due to the number of huge experiments that were conducted for him before setting off in harsh environments similar to those he goes through, and that the time it takes to send and receive information with him currently is between 4-5 minutes.

The Hope probe Experiments

The experiments will continue until reaching the Red Planet and that the next guidance process will be next November, and that they have multiple scenarios for the types of risks that the probe may face in its journey, and therefore its design took into account all these possibilities and challenges, stressing that things are going normally for the work of the probe devices and work according to It is planned by engineers, and there is nothing to worry about, although there are some things that may change due to the different conditions of the deep space environment.

The Hope probe communication period

The period of communication with the Hope probe immediately after its launch used to take a few seconds, while this period escalated as it travelled greater distances to reach two minutes, while it now reached about 4-5 minutes as the period of receiving and sending information to it, while in the future it will reach 20 minutes and more depending on the distance from Earth and its place in space.

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