The Emirates integrated system to combat Coronavirus

Dubai Health Authority confirmed that The Emirates integrated system to combat the emerging coronavirus “Covid 19“. In addition, the UAE is one of the first countries to take precautionary and preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus.

The Emirates integrated system to combat Coronavirus

The commission noted the measures taken by the state to secure land and seaports and airports. By early detection of those coming from the affected countries. So, It called for a commitment to preventive measures, not paying attention to rumours and not taking news except its sources.

New coronavirus vaccine ready for human testing

? New coronavirus vaccine is ready for human testing ??… ? Finally, the world has the hope to survive from the deadly coronavirus.#UAEVoice #Defeat_Coronavirus #coronavirus #coronavirus_vaccine

Geplaatst door UAE Voice op Zaterdag 29 februari 2020

Abu Dhabi Health Authority confirmed that:

  1. The laboratory tests of quarantined contacts on Yas Island showed that 167 people were free of the virus.
  2. In addition, preserving the safety of the contestants.
  3. Eventually, The Abu Dhabi Sports Council decided to cancel the remaining stages of the Emirates Tour.
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China recovered patients

Internationally, China announced yesterday that:

The number of patients recovering from Corona increased to 36117 cases, or equivalent to about 46% of the total number of patients. As yesterday reached 78,824 cases.

The Chinese Ministry of Health confirmed that:

  • People who have been discharged from the hospital after recovery do not transmit the infection.

An explosion of the deadly epidemic coronavirus

The World Health Organization announcement

  • The World Health Organization raised the risk of corona’s spread to the world to a “higher level”.
  • But stressed that the disease still contained.

The Director-General of the organization said:

There are more than 20 vaccines under development around the world and that there are several treatments being tested and the first results expected within a few weeks.

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