An Interview with the political correspondent Tal Schneider

A special interview with Tal Schneider the political correspondent through our website UAEVOICE discussing the current situation in the middle east and the UAE-Israel peace agreement.

Brief about Tal Schneider

Tal Schneider (born August 12, 1971) is an Israeli journalist and blogger, owner of the personal blog “The Flug” and political correspondent for The Globe newspaper.

Tal Schneider Personal Biography

Schneider was born Tal Bet or Ramat Hasharon, where she also grew up.

Tal Schneider studied law at the School of Management in Rishon LeZion and was certified as a lawyer in 1998. After graduation, she started working as a lawyer at Lieblich-Mozer & Co. And later at Adv. Doron Cohen and Yoram Muscat & Co. and worked in the field of communications.

In 2001 Tal Schneider graduated with a master’s degree in political science and law from Tel Aviv University. She then moved to the United States, where she passed the New York State Bar exam, and studied journalism at Georgetown University and photojournalism at Corcoran College in Washington.

Between 2004 and 2009, Tal Schneider was the Maariv correspondent in Washington. She has covered the United States presidential election campaigns, foreign relations of the United States, the relationship between the White House, Congress, the State Department of Israel and Jewish organizations.

Tal Schneider is the founder of the independent political blog “The Flug“, in which she updates and comments on political and party developments, and deals with the technological aspects of political campaigns – an area she was exposed to when she covered the 2008 US presidential election. She also created a WhatsApp group called “Fallujah Pioneers,” which It has around 100 members, who informed about political issues and also interviews politicians.

In 2012, Tal Schneider won the Tel Aviv Journalists Association Award for Excellence in Digital Journalism.

The interview Started as the following:

Recently, everyone throughout the Arab region was surprised by what the United Arab Emirates and Israel have achieved in deepening the bonds of relations between the two sides and trying to solve an old issue such as the Palestinian issue.

How did the internal public opinion in Israel face this political initiative?

Tal Schneider said that: There is a majority group in Israel, of course, that welcomes this agreement between the UAE and Israel.

Except for representatives of the Joint Arab List who believe the Palestinian cause justifies a boycott of Israel – but the rest (80%) welcome the move.

She added: There are groups of the right angry that the annexation of territories was removed from the agreement’s agenda, but they are not very loud at the moment.

There is also an internal Israeli debate about the sale of the F-35s

The Palestinian side was one of the most prominent opponents and critics of this agreement. Was the official Israeli side expecting another reaction?

Tal Schneider said that: The Israeli side if the reference is to the Israeli government – they have no expectations from the Palestinians

What does Tal Schneider think of the Beirut port explosion in Lebanon, and how did Israel deal with resolving the crisis?

Regarding aid in Lebanon Tal Schneider said that: Israel dealt with it only in terms of what Israel could do

The terms of the agreement that would deepen cooperation between the UAE and Israeli sides.

What are Tal Schneider expectations about the diplomatic exchange between Israel and the Gulf states, especially since there is no Gulf diplomatic representation in Israel or vice versa?

Concerning the diplomatic exchange, Tal Schneider said that: There is an Israeli representative there. Everyone really wants to see the embassy but they understand that one has to work at a pace that suits the other side Patiently.

Regarding other countries joining the agreement: Great hope for Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. Israel dreams of Saudi Arabia.

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