Sudan Thanks the UAE for its Support

As a global leader that never ceases to help the whole world whenever possible, the United Arab Emirates sends an aircraft that carries more than 7 tons of medical supplies to Sudan.

UAE send Medical supplies to Sudan

The supplies will provide support to thousands of those who work in the healthcare sector, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics. The aim of the supplies is to support the Republic of Sudan in its fight against the deadly coronavirus that it currently tries very hard to contain.

Sudanese people receive supplies

Mohammed Amin Abdullah Al-Karb, Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan to the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to the Emirati leadership for the huge support it has been providing for years and even decades. He also comments on the generosity of the UAE. Saying that this is not the first time for the Arab leader to stand by the whole world at times of crisis.

It’s worth mentioning that the UAE has also sent tons of protective and medical supplies to multiple countries, including Italy, China, South Africa, and others.

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