Sudan receives aid from United Arab Emirates

On Wednesday the UAE facilitated the delivery of key medical supplies to the people of Sudan. This essential equipment will be essential in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

What did the UAE send to Sudan?

The UAE generously provided a shipment of 7 tons of medical supplies to Sudan. This is a critical supply package that will allow the Sudanese people to better fight off Coronavirus. Over 7,000 Sudanese healthcare professionals stand to benefit from this delivery.

The cargo includes test kits, personal protective equipment, and more.

The UAE ambassador to Sudan, Hamad Mohammed Humaid Al-Junaibi spoke on the matter. He emphasized the need for cooperation from all parties in the international community in this challenging time.

The UAE and Sudan have enjoyed a long and rich history of friendship. This aid represents a token of gratitude from the UAE to it for their continued alliance. In addition, Cooperation has never been more important for a global society than it is now during this crisis.

“Since the founding of our nation, It has stood by the UAE as a steadfast partner in the region”.

How has Sudan been affected by Coronavirus?

It is currently in the early stages of the Coronavirus infection. The disease has yet to take a strong foothold in the country. However, cases of infections have increased. The current infection total stands at 162. 14 have recovered from the deadly virus. 13 people have died.

It is in a weak position to combat the spread of a Coronavirus outbreak. The country has very few medical supplies and extremely limited infrastructure. As well as, The Sudanese government is calling for international aid to assist in this crisis.

A three weeks lockdown is currently in place in Sudan. Air travel and land borders have closed for the time being.

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