Dubai agrees to return 30% of crowd to sporting events

The efforts of the Dubai Sports Council, and the protocols it set for various sports, resulted in obtaining the approval of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai and the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai, in order for the masses to return to attend sporting events by 30%.

Where the masses have already attended tournaments such as boxing, golf, cricket, basketball, polo, and the “Red Bull” car championship, “Car Park Drift“, and bodybuilding.

Dubai Sports Council organizing sporting events

Work is also underway to prepare for the return of the masses in the upcoming sports events, which are organized or supervised by the Dubai Sports Council, while the Dubai Sports Council addressed the organizers and sports federations about the possibility of the return of the masses for the matches of all sports held in the stadiums and halls of Dubai.

Dubai Sports Council efforts

For his part, Ali Omar, Director of the Development Department at the Dubai Sports Council, stated that the UAE has taken a series of precautionary measures to gradually return to life in society, whether in the sports sector or other sectors.

Pointing out that all these efforts, during which all necessary preventive measures were taken into account, to limit the spread of the COVID-19, to ensure a safe return in all areas of life, according to health protocols commensurate with each sector, and said: The whole world is witnessing that the UAE has taken Effective measures to control the pandemic, thanks to which life has returned to its normal order while adhering to all preventive measures.

The sports sector suspension and postponement of competitions

The sports sector is among the sectors affected by the suspension and postponement of competitions, especially in the first period of the spread of the virus, but the UAE has succeeded, since last June, in taking many measures, to resume sporting activity in many games, in coordination with the National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority, In the recent period, life has gradually returned to the stadiums, and this plan has gone through many stages.

In turn, Abdul Majeed Rustum, a member of the Al-Ahly Youth Council, expressed his happiness at the return of 30% of the masses to the stadiums in Dubai and wished that the decision would be circulated to the rest of the country’s clubs, and the matter is not limited to sports events in Dubai.

He said: Praise be to God for this decision, which is an important step on the road to the return of life to the football stands, although the matter needs to be applied in the rest of the emirates, given the importance of the role that the masses can play in supporting their teams in the upcoming events.

He added: I hope that there will be a clear and convenient mechanism for distributing or selling tickets for the upcoming matches, according to the established percentage, and that only measuring the temperature of the fans will be satisfied, with the application of social distancing inside the stands.

Presence of the required precautionary measures

He explained: We in the masses’ associations are accustomed to distributing tickets to the masses according to the established numbers, and therefore, we also hope that a workshop will be held, to clarify the mechanism for distributing tickets according to the specified percentage, and the required precautionary measures, to be circulated to the masses, while also creating a mechanism to deal with the masses that come from outside the emirate of Dubai.

He concluded: According to the 30% percentage of the Dubai stadiums, the attendance in the stands of Rashid Stadium Shabab Al Ahly Stadium, for example, will be 3 thousand fans, and this number can be distributed according to social distancing, given the large capacity of the stands, which reaches 10 thousand fans, and here, We do not need a requirement for a passive virus examination, with timing and regulation for entry and exit, to ensure the safety of everyone.

The Council seeks to complete the wonderful sports scene in various sports events, in cooperation between the Council, the organizers and the official authorities.

In May, the council addressed the organizers of events and federations about the return of actual, direct sports activity, after setting precautionary protocols for each sport and for the various age groups, which resulted in a gradual return to training, and then the re-organization of hundreds of events in various sports and regions.

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