Solar sterilization improves soil efficiency

The Abu Dhabi Authority for Agriculture and Food Safety confirmed that solar sterilization helps greatly to improve soil properties on farms and increase their efficiency. Therefore, the authority urges farmers to use the summer period to perform solar sterilization. It helps get rid of pests and pathogens in open fields and greenhouses.

Solar sterilization is a natural, non-chemical, and environmentally friendly way to control agricultural pests using solar energy. In order to increase soil temperature to levels where pests or diseases.

And the hot climate in the United Arab Emirates is an important feature that we can take advantage of through the process of sun sterilization of the soil during summer and it is a natural process to get rid of pests and plant diseases and the natural alternative to chemical gases.

The authority pointed out that the process of sun sterilization takes place during the summer period. It takes advantage of the high temperatures from May to the end of August of the year. So, it helps the soil to receive the largest amount of sunlight.

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