Sheikh Mohammed delivers speech: expats, UAE is your second home

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi delivered kind words in a speech. His words of reassurance told all the people of the United Arab Emirates that the COVID-19 crisis will pass. He also stated that the UAE is the second home of all ex-pats.

Patience and endurance in the face of hardship

The world is facing incredibly hard times during this pandemic. Coronavirus is one of the most devastating crises that all nations have faced. The United Arab Emirates is much more ready to deal with the outbreak than in other countries. Patience and endurance in this hard time will be the deciding factor.

All people of the UAE have made great sacrifices during this time. This includes ex-pats among those people. These sacrifices will ensure the safety of all peoples in the UAE from the virus.

“We cannot compensate them in their first home. But this is their second home. God willing, this crisis will pass. But we need to be a little patient”. Said Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Investments into the benefit of all citizens

“We must invest for the benefit of people and put a smile on their faces. I would like to send this message to all people of the UAE, both citizens and residents of this land, who are living through this pandemic that has spread across the world and has exhausted many nations” Said the Sheikh.

Expressions of thanks and gratitude to frontline workers

The Sheikh went on to thank all workers on the frontline. The tireless efforts of healthcare professionals and key workers will ensure that the virus is defeated as soon as possible.

The UAE is incredibly proud of all key workers too. Their work to help continue the everyday life of society is very important.

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