Sheikh Mohamed ‘sheds a tear’ as UAE residents sing the national anthem

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has been moved to tears by emotional videos on social media. The videos depict citizens of the United Arab Emirates singing along to the UAE national anthem in support of the frontline workers risking their lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.

An emotional response to solidarity

We’re all stuck at home right now, quarantined inside the house to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Staying inside is key to beating the virus. Many of us are turning to social media to keep up with the latest developments.

Sheikh Mohamed is no different from the rest of us. He has been catching up on the efforts of the UAE’s citizens during the quarantines. The Sheikh went on to say that he shed a tear after watching a particularly touching video of people singing the national anthem from the balconies of their apartments.

“May God protect you and protect the country that you are in, that you are loyal to like its own people. And God willing we will get through this phase with you safe and sound”. – Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The UAE shows the human spirit in the face of crisis

A video posted on Twitter has shown the people of the UAE responding with the unbridled human spirit to the Coronavirus quarantine. It’s comforting to see such a response in these hard times.

Captured on Thursday the 26th of March. The video depicts citizens and residents singing the UAE national anthem from their balconies. This show of togetherness truly displays a wonderful sense of community people have here. Despite adversity, the people of the UAE cannot be kept down.

The video posted by Jaber Al Lamki. Jaber is the executive director of media and strategic communications for the National Media Council.

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