Sharjah Expo Center is involved in an international conference

Saif Mohammed Al-Midfa, CEO of the Sharjah Expo Center, stressed that the constructive and early recovery efforts made by the wise leadership of the UAE to resolve the consequences of Covid-19 have been an important factor in the recovery and acceleration of the travel, exhibits, and conference industry.

Sharjah Expo Center and the international economy conference

The meeting discussed the extent of the effect of Covid-19 on the transport, tourism and exhibition sectors in the Arab countries, and its repercussions for various sectors, jobs and related industries.

During the conference, Al-Midfa highlighted the attempts made by the government of the United Arab Emirates to address the effects of Covid-19 and the most important decisions taken to further revitalize the tourism sector by exploiting its components to improve and drive economic recovery.

Al-Midfa indicated that, in addition to introducing new specialized shows that are projected to draw a significant number of exhibiting firms, the Center will be hosting about 5 local exhibits this year.

Sharjah Expo center conclusion

The CEO of the Expo Center, concluding his remarks, shed light on the important role of the travel and tourism industry in achieving sustainable growth, where this industry accounts for 10.3 percent of total GDP, stressing that tourism has led to providing 330 million direct and new job prospects, according to 2019 figures, and to generating 28 percent of global services exporters.

“For her part, Basmah Al-Mayman said:” Since the outbreak of Covid-19, through steps such as the establishment of a global crisis committee and the development of guidelines to minimize the impacts on travel and tourism, the UNWTO has taken steps to help its members respond effectively to its effects on their tourism sectors. The Organization has also provided me with guidance.

The UNWTO has introduced a well-rounded package to help revitalize the global tourism industry through longer-term and wider activities, including technical support projects, such as tourism recovery plans or new marketing strategies, shorter-term and targeted activities, and technical support programs, such as tourism recovery plans or new marketing strategies, focused on three main pillars: economic recovery, marketing and promotion, and enhancing corporate positions.

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