Roi Kais: UAE is a promising axis of international diplomatic relations

We present you an exclusive interview with the correspondent Roi Kais, Hebrew journalist and correspondent of the official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, about what is going on recently regarding the UAE peace treaty between the UAE and Israel, discussing the aspirations of the next phase between the two countries.

Roi Kais exclusive interview

The interview with Roi Kais has gone as follows:

Recently, everyone across the Arab region was surprised by the achievements of the United Arab Emirates and Israel in deepening relations between the two sides and trying to solve an old issue like the Palestinian issue.

What is Roi Kais opinion about the public opinion in Israel concerning matters of the political initiative? Was there a general agreement or opposition?

In general, Roi Kais think that the Israeli people support the agreement with the UAE and see this as a great opportunity to raise the status of Israel. As for the opposition, it was mainly concerned with internal and political issues in Israel and the way the agreement was presented.

Could the agreement to freeze Palestinian annexation between the UAE and Israel under American auspices lead to the establishment of two Palestinian and Israeli states living side by side?

Roi Kais said that: they could certainly promote it because the annexation might not have led to a Palestinian state. Much also depends on the Palestinian side at the moment.

Roi Kais and the Palestinian issue

Roi Kais said that he thinks so.

In his opinion, the Palestinian side should use the agreement to promote dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as return to the negotiating table between the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

We also followed the news related to the terms of this agreement, which will deepen cooperation between the UAE and Israel.

What will Roi Kais expect from the diplomatic exchanges between Israel and the Gulf states in the coming days, especially since there is no diplomatic representation in the Gulf or vice versa in Israel?

Roi Kais said that: He hopes this will happen very soon.

What is Roi Kais opinion about the economic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, after the announcement of this agreement, will there be a qualitative leap on both levels?

From Roi Kais point of view, do you expect some Arab countries to follow the example of the UAE in strengthening relations with Israel? And who exactly are those countries?

Roi Kais said that he thinks there is definitely a broad cushion of cooperation between Israel and the UAE on the economic level and one can actually see cooperation between the two parties. At the same time, I hope there will be more countries to follow. I think any agreement of this kind is welcome.

Will Israel be an inspiring model for some Arab countries for what it has recently achieved in the scientific renaissance?

Roi Kais said: “Israel is a technological and regional power, and I am sure that it can contribute to the Arab countries and it ‘d also benefit from the Arab countries.”

What does Roi Kais think of Iran, Qatar and Turkey’s position on condemning this agreement, as it was stated in joint statements that this agreement is a betrayal of the rights of the Palestinians?

Roi Kais said that he thinks it was expected mostly by the Palestinians and Iran. In general, despite the condemnations.

Roi Kais thinks there are enough people in the region who support this agreement that also paved the way for more agreements.

The last question, as a science, the UAE has paid close attention to countries suffering from the tragedy of the coronavirus epidemic through urgent humanitarian aid.

In Roi Kais view, will the UAE affect international diplomatic relations?

Roi Kais said that: He thinks that this is important and the UAE must continue to do the same because we and the other countries are still suffering from the Corona epidemic that no one loses, and in such a period it is important to cooperate and it will certainly have a positive impact on international relations and on the global arena.

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