DoH uses its website to support research against COVID-19

In coordination with the Advanced Technology Research Council, The Department of Health Abu Dhabi uses its website to support scientific research against COVID-19 to address the pandemic.

The Department of Health Abu Dhabi, DoH, in coordination with the Council for Advanced Technology Research, launched the “National Research Record“, as a unified platform to support scientific research against COVID-19 and accelerate the discoveries and innovations that would contribute to providing scientific efforts to confront the COVID-19.

Research against COVID-19 by advanced Technology

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The registry, which is part of the website that the department launched and dedicated to the emerging COVID-19, will play a pivotal role in understanding the pandemic, knowing the nature of the virus and how to fight it, and determining the best ways to reduce the side effects caused by the disease and its treatments.

The Department of Health Abu Dhabi invites those working on this research against COVID-19 and specialists in the sector to share their research proposals related to the emerging Coronavirus through the national pandemic research record, which is now available through the department’s website.

The main aim of the Department support

The registry aims to support the conduct of joint research against COVID-19 between different sectors and interested parties, which contributes to enriching the field of research and reducing its duplication and frequency, which saves time and effort, as it collects all research on the Coronavirus associated with the acute respiratory syndrome (SARS Cov 2), which may have Influenced in providing critical data at present for pandemic management.

Joint cooperation to research against COVID-19

The efforts of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health combine to provide a new additional advantage, which is to provide daily scientific reports containing summaries of the most important research discoveries and the latest developments about the virus in the world, to enable health professionals and public health professionals to access the information they need quickly and easily.

In this regard, Dr. Asma Al Mannai, Director of Health Care Quality Department in the Department of Health Abu Dhabi: “The world has never witnessed a pandemic such as the new Coronavirus in the modern era, which makes the health and lives of individuals now more than ever before dependent on researchers and scientists from different Throughout the globe, whose efforts are rapidly joining forces to find ways to employ their ideas and experiences to address this disease and translate it into successful applications and treatments. From this point of view, we at the Department of Health Abu Dhabi through the National Research Record of the COVID-19 pandemic provided a solid foundation upon which all researchers and workers Addressing the current epidemic. ”

“We invite and encourage all clinical researchers to upload their research proposals related to the emerging coronavirus on the site, to contribute to promoting rapid scientific discovery and advancing innovation to confront the virus and control the epidemic around the world,” Al Mannai added.

For her part, Dr. Sherina Al Mazrouei, Director of the Health Promotion Department at the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health stated: “There is a special section in the daily scientific report for research summaries issued from the Emirates with the aim of encouraging researchers to do research and publish research, in addition to that, the report provides data and analyzes of developments in the status Pandemic around the world. ”

Al Mazrouei added: “It is necessary for the health care professional and public health officials to keep abreast of all local and international scientific developments and research, especially for the rapid development of science, pointing out that the daily scientific report provides a summary of these research, as well as what it provides of data Updated on COVID-19, available to all interested.

The available website of The Department of Health Abu Dhabi

The website devoted to the emerging COVID-19 can be visited and is part of the official website running through the following link:

It is noteworthy that the Department of Health Abu Dhabi has launched the website that was dedicated to COVID-19 and is part of the official website of the department, in cooperation with the UAE company “Sal”, which is specialized in artificial intelligence, with the aim of providing an interactive platform with the public to enhance awareness of the emerging coronavirus and keep them abreast of the latest developments in the situation.

The current situation around the world in detail. The site includes the technology of virtual assistant that answers the private inquiries related to the new COVID-19 in the Arabic language and in the English language for the first time in the world, and the site also collects social media and related information from the official regulatory bodies within a detailed analytical dashboard including the latest reliable developments and videos Posters on preventive measures and guidelines.

Source: WAM
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