Recovery of 2 New Cases Infected with Coronavirus in UAE

The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the recovery of two new cases of newly infected Coronavirus who were receiving medical care in state hospitals. This brings the number of cases that have been declared cured to 3 of the total 8 recorded cases.

Last week, the UAE ministry announced that the first case of Chinese citizen Liu Yujia, 73, which recovered from the symptoms of the disease.

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The recovery of two new cases infected with Coronavirus in UAE

The efficient health system in the Emirates

  • The recovery and recovery of cases reflect the efficiency of the health system in the Emirates.

 The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection said:

The two new cases that have been cured are first Chinese citizens at the age of “41” and his son “8”.

? Defeat corona virus ? The recovery of two new cases infected with the corona virus in UAE. ?????The two cases were…

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Health and Safety Strategic Priority

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection considers that:

  • Firstly, The health and safety of citizens and residents a strategic priority.
  • Eventually, It works on in coordination with the relevant authorities in the national system and harnesses them national capabilities and resources.

Chinese Residents

Sharing their experiences in isolation rooms in Dubai hospital

  1. Firstly, Chinese resident family were grateful the UAE government had allowed for free coronavirus testing.
  2. Finally, “Even though they were scared because of the isolation, they were comfortable in the rooms that were like any hotel.

Visiting the two Chinese recovered cases

  • Li Xuhang, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Dubai.
  • As well as, Dr Fatima Al-Attar, Consultant and Director of the Health Regulations Bureau at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection of the UAE.

During their visit today to the Chinese father and his son to congratulate them on their complete recovery from the disease.

The UAE’s advanced health care system

Consul General Li Xuhang

  • Firstly, He praised the position of the United Arab Emirates on the leadership and government.
  • Eventually, the country’s advanced health care system resulted in the healing of the injured and their full recovery.

He stressed that:

This support provided by the UAE reflects the depth of relations between the two friendly countries.

Full solidarity against the coronavirus

Dr Fatima Al-Attar

The consultant and director of the Health Regulations Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection.

She said:
  • Firstly, Today, with the announcement of the recovery of the two cases.
  • Secondly, we present a loving message from the people of the Emirates to the friendly Chinese people.
  • Finally, we affirm our full solidarity with them in facing this disease.
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