Ras Al Khaimah New Year Firework Set Guinness World Record

The ‘Longest firework Waterfall’ is another GWR try with the fireworks to stretch a length of 4,000 metres (4 km). the emirate made history when it achieved the titles of “Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for launching Fireworks Simultaneously” and “The Longest Firework Waterfall”, in the presence of official adjudicators from Guinness World Records.

The first record was attained with the use of 173 pyrodrones, which executed a seamless firework display simultaneously. The fireworks ushered in the year by illuminating the number ‘2020’ in the sky, followed by an elegant chandelier draped with a cascade of pyrotechnic sparks, ending with the recreation of the monuments of Ras Al Khaimah.

The second record for the “Longest Fireworks Waterfall” spanned a length of 3,788 metres. The record was previously held in Fujuoka, Japan, which had fireworks for a length of 3,517 metres. The spectacular display served as the grand finale of the New Year’s Eve event.

The 13-minute-long show was viewed by a crowd that had gathered at Al Marjan Island, as well as from viewing decks at Al Hamra. The event was also broadcast through live feeds to viewers around the world.

With this display, the total number of Guinness World Records held by Ras Al Khaimah reached five in the last three years. For New Year’s Eve last year, the emirate broke two Guinness World Records for the longest chain of fireworks and the longest straight line of fireworks. The 2018 display set a record for the largest aerial firework shell.


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