The UAE is among the best in the world in the quality of life for expats

A recent report revealed that the United Arab Emirates is among the most attractive options regionally for those looking to travel abroad.

UAE quality of life world ranking

According to the report issued by the “Black Tower Financial” group entitled “Expatriate Destinations”, the United Arab Emirates ranked second regionally and 22nd globally in quality of life, ahead of Israel, Taiwan and Spain, with good balances in global happiness indicators, average monthly salary, health care quality and the global peace index.

The “Black Tower Financial” group report said that many people move abroad for work commitments, in search of a comfortable retirement, lower cost of living, or new experiences, noting that moving to a new country can cause a set of difficult, exciting and life-changing experiences.

He added that there is more to life than economic figures and gross domestic product, and for this reason he analyzed data on the quality of life related to the main measures that determine happiness, indicating the four main reasons for people moving abroad: family ties, improving the standard of living, earning more money, new job and opportunities Adventure and new activities.

According to the “Black Tower Financial” group report, Switzerland topped the list and Denmark was the second most attractive option for those looking to travel abroad, Iceland ranked 3, Norway 4 and Australia 5, the United Kingdom ranked 18 and the United States ranked 20.

“Expats see a wealth of financial, lifestyle and career benefits from traveling abroad,” said John Westwood, managing director of the “Black Tower Financial” group, adding that he is encouraging more individuals to take the leap and enjoy the rewards.

The quality of life makes the UAE the first country of happiness in the world

Details The National Strategy for Quality of Life 2031 aims to move the UAE from the concept of a good life only to a comprehensive concept of an integrated quality of life, which contributes to supporting the UAE vision 2021 and reaching the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071.

The National Strategy for Quality of Life is based on a national framework that includes 3 main levels “individuals, society and the state” and includes 14 axes and 9 strategic objectives that include enhancing the lifestyle of individuals by encouraging the adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle, promoting good mental health, adopting positive thinking as a basic value and building life skills.

The strategy, with its axes and initiatives, establishes the foundations of an interconnected society by enhancing the quality of interdependence and social relations in the family and society, enhancing the quality of digital life, encouraging positive and purposeful digital societies, adopting the quality of life in learning and working environments and focusing on them, consolidating the values ​​of giving, cooperation, solidarity and community service, enhancing the viability of cities and regions and their attractiveness and sustainability. .

The strategy includes 90 supportive initiatives targeting more than 40 priority areas in the country, and among the most prominent initiatives is the development of the first national observatory of quality of life to support decision-making and policy development, and it will be through monitoring and following up indicators to raise the quality of life in the country.

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