Iranian journalists and activists: Qatar was aware of the killing of the Iranian scientist

According to “Farsnews24”: A few days ago, Iran has announced that the nuclear scientist “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh”, who was an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, a professor of physics at Imam Hussein University in Tehran, and the most prominent nuclear scientist in the Iranian nuclear program. He has been assassinated in a terrorist attack that has been conducted by an explosion followed by shooting. It looks like Qatar had a hand in this.

Accusations roam everywhere

The article reported that the Iranian authorities accused Israel, and then the UAE as well. Everyone knows the hostility between Iran and Israel, but for the UAE, the reasons for the accusation may be due to the peace agreement that Abu Dhabi concluded recently with Tel Aviv, and the difference in policies of the two countries (Iran and the UAE) towards some of the Middle East Crises, especially the Syrian one.

Did Qatar have a hand in this?

The article indicated that there are sources stated that Qatar was aware of the assassination of the Iranian scientist and coordinated the assassination with the US Pentagon. These sources demonstrated this by referring to the visit of the Qatari Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Pilot Ghanem bin Shaheen Al-Ghanim, to the US Central Command, ” Pentagon” in mid-November. In order to coordinate with the American side and provide logistical support for the operation. The sources also reported that Qatar will play a diplomatic role with the Iranians after the operation, that is, work to calm it down, so that Tehran does not take any counter-reaction against US interests in the Gulf region. In turn, Washington sent a B52 a week ago to Qatar, which landed at Al Udeid Air Force Base that hosts the headquarters of the US Central Command and the headquarters of the US Air Force Central Command.

This crime cannot go unpunished

 “Farsnews24” stated that Iranian dignitaries, as well as some journalists and political activists. They have been contacted to get acquainted with their views on this issue. In an attempt to convey the confirmed facts about the case of the assassination of the scientist “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh”.

The site quoted an Iranian journalist called “Amir Muqaddam” that “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was not a scientist. Also there is no information available about his educational status. Fakhrizadeh was only a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Since the beginning of the nuclear ambitions of the Iran, Fakhrizadeh has led this project after his contact with North Korea. Then with Pakistani Abdul Qadir Khan. He is an important component in manufacturing the atomic bomb and nuclear warhead. the warhead was the cause of wasting the Iranian people’s wealth. It was also a major factor in the sanctions by the United States. “Muqaddam” affirmed that the Islamic Republic’s accusation against the UAE comes without any concrete evidence. But that accusation can be due to its despair. It is in turn due to the signing of the peace treaty between the UAE and Israel. As the Iranian regime targets peace in the region and attacks it for no reason.

Javier Arribas: UAE has no role in this situation

Additionally, the site quoted a Spanish journalist named “Javier Arribas”. He is the director of Atalayar newspaper concerned with Middle East issues. His opinion on the allegations that emerged after the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist, “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh”, as he said. “They are baseless accusations. Because nobody imagines the UAE seeking peace in all parts of the ME region will have a role in this. And we can remember how the UAE sent several tons of health aids to Iran to combat the Coronavirus epidemic.”

In addition, “Arribas” affirmed that the Iranian accusations against the UAE and Israel due to the peace agreement and the start of normalization of relations have no basis in fact. As the UAE relations with Israel are based on twelve points of cooperation in all sectors. But they do not involve actions of this kind. At last, “Arribas” mentioned that there is no evidence in possession of Iran that Israel carried out this terrorist attack.

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