Publication ‘Al Jundi’ of the Ministry of Defense releases a new printed edition

The monthly military magazine “Al Jundi” published by the UAE Ministry of Defense, has launched its latest internet and print version on both its Arabic and English electronic and print media outlets.

The newspaper said that the new branding arrived to keep pace with changes and to satisfy expectations to include structure and material with qualitative content and to show everything new in the field of military media in a contemporary way.

Al Jundi is evolving

In its new issue No. 564 of January 2021, the newspaper addressed a range of main topics and subjects, as well as the most important activities and news related to the Ministry of Defense and the UAE Armed Forces.

The journal said that the accomplishments of the UAE are numerous, and its fruits compete to prove the embodiments of excellence, accomplishment and leadership in all fields and at all levels. “We are in a country that its leadership does not believe in the impossible and tribulations and crises do not stop it from achieving the dream of the founding fathers,” it added.

The most influential diplomatic, military and defense activities, reports of new weapons and the science and technical advances that advanced technology and artificial intelligence have also accomplished in the military sector are tracked in the new issue of ‘Al-Jundi’ magazine.

In the January 2021 issue, Al-Jundi devoted its main file to discussing military satellites, as it devoted important parts of its pages to shed light on the most prominent military uses of satellites, and to discussing the most relevant projects, weapons and counter capabilities of such satellites.

In the ‘Interview’ topic, Al Jundi met with the Regional Manager of the General Atomics Company, where he discussed with him a range of matters of concern to those involved in military affairs and the company’s new aircraft, capabilities and technologies.

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