Powerful Geo-political Message to Turkey: Greece, UAE, Egypt, Cyprus and France will Conduct a Joint Multinational Aeronautical Exercise

The article was written by the Greek journalist and researcher Andreas Mountzouroulias

Multinational aeronautical training exercise “Medusa 2020” began on Monday, November 30, and will wrap up on December 6.  So, this is a powerful geopolitical message to Turkey from the axis of PaxMediterranea.

The aeronautical exercise is going on since 2017, in the framework of the trilateral cooperation of Cyprus, Greece and Egypt. This year this cooperation will be enhancing with the participation of forces from the United Arab Emirates and France.

The exercise will be conducted in the broader region of Alexandria, Egypt, within the Cairo FIR. 

The training aims at polishing the skills of officers participating in various naval operations, exchanging combat and field expertise, improving readiness to carry out any joint tasks under different circumstances, and protecting the vital and economic targets in the Mediterranean against any potential threats.    

Over recent months, tensions have been rising in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Will Turkey be able to neglect such message?

Turkey has pursued an aggressive gas exploration effort, its research vessel heavily protected by warships of the Turkish Navy. There have been encounters with rival Greek vessels and a third NATO country, France, has become involved, siding with the Greeks.

The UAE earlier had supported Greece against Turkish provocations that included Turkey sending an energy research vessel, the Oruc Reis, and warships off the Greek island of Kastellorizo. 

Greece has also grown closer to Egypt over its row with Turkey. Egypt is an ally of the UAE in the Gulf diplomatic crisis with Qatar and in Libya. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi visited Greece this month to discuss the Mediterranean.

Greece and Egypt signed a maritime boundary agreement. Greece has also been looking for international support in the region. And now the UAE is planning to join hands with Greece and France against Erdogan. 

It is also in Abu Dhabi’s interest to hurt Turkey at every possible level. Only recently, the chief of Israel’s reputed intelligence agency, MOSSAD met with the UAE security head in Abu Dhabi. Israel’s MOSSAD itself considers Turkey its latest security threat over Ankara’s support to the Palestinian terror organizations like Hamas and Tel Aviv’s own interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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