UAE is carrying out initiatives and plans to protect workers

Since the founding of the UAE in 1971, the country has laid down clear national strategic policies and plans that entrench its interest in all categories of workers and protect workers. Whereas, the UAE considered the worker’s a major party in the production process and a partner in the development. Therefore, the state performs all the facilities provided for workers in parallel while ensuring the interests of employers in a manner that leads to the stability of the labour market.

It is worth noting the UAE’s preventive efforts and the extensive preventive measures to combat the new epidemic of coronavirus to protect workers, are highly efficient. Where workers’ housing was continuously sterilized within the national sterilization campaign, and over 2000 labourer housing complexes were sterilized.

As an important step taken by the state to increase awareness in the face of the Corona epidemic, the responsible authorities have instructed workers to take precautionary measures in their housing by warning them about the importance of social distancing and its necessity in this tough period to protect workers.

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