New preventive precautions in UAE to fight Coronavirus

The United Arab Emirates is leading the pack when it comes to responding to the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. While other countries are rapidly becoming overwhelmed by Coronavirus infections, the UAE is responding with aggressive countermeasures. The strategy employed by the UAE is working, it is currently the safest place in the world from the virus.

New precautions go into effect

The UAE has been a world leader in rapid response to crisis situations. With the escalating trouble caused by COVID-19 new precautions are being put in place. The safety of all citizens and residents of the UAE is the number one priority at this stage.

Masks and gloves a new legal requirement

All citizens and residents leaving their homes will now be required to wear a mask and gloves when doing so. These new rules have come into place in order to further reduce the chances of a person to person transmission spreading the Coronavirus.

Restrictions on running errands

Shopping for essential supplies such as food and medicine still permitted. However, only one family member per household allowed to leave the house now. All other family members must remain inside their home and observe the quarantine.

Public space closures extended

Coronavirus is not slowing down, flattening the curve is currently the goal of every country trying to reduce infections. Due to the rapid spread of the virus, the closure of public spaces in the UAE extended indefinitely.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai issued a statement declaring that the closure of public spaces such as malls, commercial centers, cinemas, and other entertainment facilities will remain closed until further notice.

You might have to provide evidence of your errand

If you’re found outside by the police they may require you to provide a reason for leaving your home. You should keep any necessary documents on your person to provide this evidence.

Public transport is still restricted

The Dubai Metro currently suspended for the time being. Buses and taxis will operate as usual. All Dubai Taxis and franchised taxis are offering a 50% discount on the standard fare to ease the financial impact on citizens.

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