The UAE National Human Rights Committee efforts

His Excellency Dr. Anwar bin Muhammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the National Human Rights Committee affirmed that the United Arab Emirates adopted, from its inception, a comprehensive national vision to advance human rights, based on its belief and conviction that the human being is the focus and goal of development, and in implementation of the provisions of the constitution that Ensure equality, social justice and civil and religious liberties.

The UAE National Human Rights Committee

During his presidency of the first meeting of the National Human Rights Committee, His Excellency touched on the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the state in various fields to protect society from the spread of the “COVID-19” virus and said in this regard: “The United Arab Emirates, thanks to its rational leadership, has devoted its efforts to putting people on Prioritized the pandemic since the beginning of the pandemic.

It has facilitated the life of citizens and residents without discrimination, by adopting a number of national policies, strategies and plans to combat it, which included health and educational aspects, and enhancing food security. The state has also enacted a number of national legislation and regulations that have contributed significantly To reduce their effects ».

The National Human Rights Committee reviews the efforts made to combat “COVID-19”

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His Excellency pointed out that the measures taken by the UAE government in this framework came in line with the recommendations and technical guidelines issued by various specialized international organizations and agencies, United Nations human rights bodies, mechanisms and committees directed to all countries of the world during the fight against the pandemic.

His Excellency added: “These principles have contributed to strengthening and developing the efforts made by the state in combating the pandemic, as well as exchanging experiences and best practices and transferring knowledge on the level of combating the pandemic with other countries, believing in the necessity of intensifying cooperation and concerted efforts of the international community to confront the emerging coronavirus.”

The National Human Rights Committee Services

His Excellency pointed out that the United Arab Emirates provided the best curative and preventive services according to the best international standards, to all who live on the state’s land without any discrimination between a citizen or a resident, and launched many initiatives and programs that have contributed greatly to the promotion and protection of human rights, including It includes health and education rights, protection of the rights of women and children, senior citizens and people of determination, and protection of employment and inmate rights in penal institutions.

In the same context, His Excellency pointed out that the United Arab Emirates has realized, since the beginning of the pandemic, the risks that the virus may pose to inmates of penal institutions, and has taken many precautionary and preventive measures and measures to protect them, including, but not limited to: In addition to providing thermal detection devices in it, and providing safe quarantine facilities for the injured, and preventive supplies such as sterilizers and masks, the necessary medical examinations and checks are also taken for inmates, cleaners, and guards in the penal institutions, in addition to applying the physical distance to the guests during meal times, and providing awareness to the guests And workers ».


The National Human Rights Committee is working to issue a booklet documenting the role of the United Arab Emirates in promoting and protecting human rights in the context of national efforts to combat the “COVID-19” pandemic.

Source: WAM
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