Naif and Al Ras districts have reported 0 new Coronavirus infections

While Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still spreading in other countries, there is some good news from the UAE. Naif and Al Ras districts in Dubai have reported no new infections over the last 2 day period. Thanks to government precautions the spread of infection is no more in these areas.

Two Dubai districts buck infection trends.

Citizens of Al Rais and Naif will receive the news of no new infections with relief. These two districts went under strict lockdown protocols for the last several weeks.

Concerns regarding the spread of Coronavirus prompted authorities to take strict action. A 24 hours curfew went into action in order to prevent further spreading of the virus. This went into effect on March 31st.

Firstly, both of these districts contain a large number of workers. Subsequently, crowding is not unusual at all. Therefore, with this information in mind, the 24 hours quarantine was essential.

Now the 24 hours lockdown is lifted delivery vehicles and many other services once again have access to these districts. This is wonderful news for residents of the areas.

Residents thanked for their cooperation

Dubai City authorities have issued their thanks to residents of Al Ras and Naif districts. The cooperation of citizens in the quarantine procedure is essential for it to work. Now thanks to the dedicated citizens the precautions will ease.

Following the required precautions will help all citizens of the UAE to do their part in fighting against Coronavirus.

Restrictions still in place

The lifting of restrictions in Al Ras and Naif is good news, but it does not mean there aren’t restrictions. Subsequently, these two districts now face the same restrictions as the rest of Dubai city.

These precautions will remain in place as long as necessary. In short, this is for the safety of all people.

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