Mr. Amichai Stein: UAE religious tolerance is amazing

We present you an exclusive interview with Mr. Amichai Stein, a correspondent at the kann Diplomatic desk | Israeli public broadcasting corporation. This rich, interactive interview has focused on the political, peaceful agreements and relations with the United Arab Emirates.

An interview with Mr. Amichai Stein

Over the past decades, US-Israeli relations have been characterized by their specialization, as successive American administrations have provided all forms of support to Israel. So now we ask whether the identity of the winner in the elections will affect this close relationship?

Mr. Amichai Stein said that: Netanyahu had a close relationship with Trump. This is no secret. He had an open door at the White House, and sometimes even said that ‘several of US policies during the Trump admin were influenced by Israeli ideas.

Mr. Amichai Stein added that: The bond between US and Israel has been for decades, and the special relations will continue with the Biden admin – But it will be a different one now in the personal ties, as well as the strong relations and the QME strategy will stay.

America announced yesterday the start of the sale of 50 F35 and MQ9 drones, the same ones that killed the terrorist Qasem Soleimani.

What is the benefit that the UAE will gain from these aircraft, given that the UAE is a leading country in the fight against terrorism?

Mr. Amichai Stein said that: UAE will now be a stronger country in the fight against terror and in the fight against Iran. These weapons will be used to protect the country and send a warning also against Iran activities.

The UAE was always the first to urge the principles of tolerance, coexistence and peace, so it came in the first ranks of those celebrating the International Day for Tolerance, which falls on November 16 of each year. 

What does Mr. Amichai Stein think of the UAE’s efforts in this field, especially after all forms of tolerance and peace appeared between the Israeli and Emirati peoples?

Mr. Amichai Stein said: When you see the religious tolerance of the UAE is amazing this. They are doing everything do Jews and Israelis will feel at home, even publishing kosher meals in hotels, building a Sukkah in the center of the city. I think it shows the UAE is doing its best.

After the mutual exemption of entry visas was made between Israel and the UAE, are Mr. Amichai Stein looking forward to visiting the Emirates?

What attracts Mr. Amichai Stein in the UAE?

Mr. Amichai Stein said that: I’m looking very much to visit the country, saw many pics of the beautiful landscape and cities – and it’s just a 3 hours flight from Israel, as a former tech reporter looking to learn more on your tech industry.

Ofir Gendelman, a spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister for Arab media, published pictures on Monday that he said were fruits, dates and vegetables bearing the Israeli flag in the UAE markets.

What is Mr. Amichai Stein comment on this news?

Mr. Amichai Stein said that: when your minister talked on Warm peace this is what he meant. In many Arab countries, that have relations, an Israeli flag is a persona non Grata so this is huge.

The UAE and Israel accelerated steps to build a future as the agreement between the UAE and Israel strengthens cooperation in more than one sector?

What are the most crucial sectors for Mr. Amichai Stein that have had a strong global impact?

Mr. Amichai Stein said that: He thinks the security industry is an important one. But I think Israel has a lot to learn from the tech and space industries in the UAE.

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